This is a great question K&R carries a few options depending on your budget. The first brand that is affordable and is a good line for home owners who are looking to live no longer than 2 years in their home.

This line of cabinets is called Forevermark cabinetry Another purpose for this line is for home builders / real estate developers who are looking to flip their property and make a profit. Forevermark is good quality and affordable to help you maximize profits.

Forevermark cabinetry

The best line in the stock cabinets is (Fabuwood)

Fabuwood cabinetry

Fabuwood is the best line to use for homeowners for many reasons. The first reason is Fabuwood offers a lot of styles and finishes along with custom design options. Fabuwood also offers customers to choose a custom color option meaning you can choose a paint color from sherwin williams and they will finish it to that color.

Fabuwod also has better quality wood and is built by the Q12 standard. The Q12 standard ensures your cabinets are built to the highest level of quality.

  • Q1: Quality sourced lumber Fabuwood selects the top-grade lumber, guaranteeing the finest and most dependable kitchen cabinets.
  • Q2: Pro touch techniques require expert finishing methods that are required to influence first impressions and a lasting finish that is easy to maintain. 
  • Q3: All cabinets have a dovetail construction 

You can follow the rest of the steps on there website

Fabuwood is a great line of cabinets for home owners who don’t wanna spend too much money but are looking to spend a lifetime in their home. 

Fully custom kitchen cabinets

Our High-End custom cabinetry are hand crafted to your exact specification, wants, and needs in our wood-shop. This is the line for the admirers of artistic woodwork, along with a unique taste of style, look and functionality.

  • Built to any of your preferred wood species ( from Oak, Mahogany, Walnut to Rosewood )
  • Built to any of your preferred construction methods ( Frameless, Inset, Beaded Inset to Framed Full Overlay )
  • Built with the highest grades of plywoods and premium hardwoods
  • Custom sizes with no limitations.
  • Highest quality of Blum Hinges & Glides.
  • Unlimited options of door styles, finishes, colors, moldings and architectural wood carvings.

If your looking to remodel your kitchen and don’t know where to start we can help. Learn more by visit our website